Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IP MAN 2: Where East Meet West

Just came back from premier screening of IP MAN 2, just a day ahead before Nuffnang exclusive screening and here's a MEGA spoiler for you guys :p Stay away if you don't intent to read even a tiny bit of spoiler that is related or none related to the movie in a direct or indirect manner.

It was like my erm.. 5th time catching a movie, yea a free screening at GSC Pavilion.. Not that bad overall but it is kinda far from where I live.. Oh ya whenever it is a GSC-EON screening, I can expect that pop corn and coke is there ready for me to munch.. And I was correct, buahahahaha!!

Highlight the following as I think it contain some spoiler which some people might not like

In the begining of the show, they show some flash back from the previous movie. Just a quick flash back to get audience back on track. Only then it zooms into what happen after the incident where IP MAN was shoot on the shoulder, as well as what happen to his counterpart.

Earlier part of the movie was about sifu vs sifu, because back then, to open up a martial club, you need to gain respect and permission from others martial school.

The ending part however is all about how and what westerners think about Chinese culture which include martial art. It was dignity that stand all along the fight here. So go catch it if you are still interested after reading ma version of spoiler.

Ok enough spoiler.. Personally I think it is a movie that is heavily cultural oriented.. It remind the audience on how we used to be treated, and how we gain some respect, not through fight but through the message conveyed during the overall process..
In short the storyline of this movie can be told with this title "The diary of IP MAN part 2". Even though one can still watch and enjoy the movie (provided that you are into this genre), I would still recomend one to watch the first part first before this, because they are somewhat related, but not heavily..

I think this movie deserve a well 4/5 rating for those flying fist.. Just kidding :p Actually is for the moral value, yea an Asian moral value that the audience can learn from.. Unite we stand! Next up, wish I could catch Ironman 2 tomorrow.. Pray pray..

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