Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The brand new iTalk that make you go WHOA!!

Use an iPhone,
Get daylight robbery by high Telco rates,
Use an iTalk,
Get 24/7 reward by unlimited member privileges.

I guess the above pretty sum up what I wanna say in this post. It seems that any word that sound like an 'i' is the trend now, Playstation eyetoy, iTune, iMac, and even iLove you too.. :p

Well anyway, no matter how advance your gadget is, how stylish your phone is, no matter what functionality or features you add into your phone, no matter how much you customize your phone, there is still one thing you CAN'T do with your phone, and that is lowering the rate of your call / sms charge, can you?

Whatever brand or model of phone you are holding, the call rate is nothing compare to the brand new iTalk portal. It has everything you ever thought of under one roof, seriously. Don't believe me? Then let us all register and get RM5 credit FREE instantly!!

Now all you need to do is to goto the official website (http://www.italkwhoa.com/) and follow these instruction below:

*You may click on the image if it is too small for you

This is the main page of the new iTalk Whoa!! Click on the "Get WHOA! Now" button
Then it will prompt you for your details, just fill them up and then you should have your own login account.
You will notice a Congratulation page, at this point of time, a verification email is sent to you and all you need to do now is to login to your mailbox which the email you registered / associate with iTalk WHOA!

You should see something like this, click on the bottom (activation) link and then you are done. You can now proudly login to your personal panel!
Once you have login, you will see something familiar. The clean interface do look like every webmail / outlook right? But it is more than that! Let's see what you can do here
  1. Send Email
  2. Receive Email
  3. Make Voip Call
  4. Manage RSS Feeds
  5. Organize Contacts
  6. Organize Schedule / Appointment
  7. Associate with your Twitter Account (Amazing ain't it?)
  8. Send / Blast SMS in ONE GO

It get me so hype up that I want to make a rhythm with my word

When I say shopping,
You nodded yes.
When I say discount,
You said yes.
When I say freebies,
You said wow.
When I say iTalk,
You scream WHOA!

Girls like cocoa,
Guys envy Kaka,
But everyone loves iTalk WHOA!

Anyway, I'm sure after you've read about the awesomeness you want to find out more or have some question in your mind now right? Fret not I've prepare a list of FAQ that might aid you

1) If a user is overseas and wanna use the iTalkwhoa is it possible? What are the charges like?
ANS: This is a portal service, regardless where ever you are from; the rates are applicable as it will be in the list.

2) In the faq, it was mentioned that it's an online portal that enables ppl to check their email, tweet, sms, call all from one website?
ANS: yes.

3) Means all I need to do is log into italk WHOA! and I can do all that?
ANS: yes. You have to register as a member first. While for 1st time user, you have to key in your password for you ie: twitter, email (yahoo, gmail, hotmail) etc for all at just one time. It will configure with your iTalkWhoa login password. You just have to key in 1 iTalkWhoa password next time, all others function will be automatically login.

4) So I just need to sign up with italk WHOA and thats it?
ANS: Yes.

5) Where can I sign up for this italk whoa?

6) It is also mention about prepaid or buy credit. Where can I buy credit/ prepaid card for italk WHOA?
ANS: TM will provide this service really soon, hopefully somewhere in June 2010 for all users worldwide to purchase. But for now, you can purchase iTalk credit at Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks and all stores displaying iTalk. Only Malaysians are able to purchase for NOW.

7) Will they be sold at phone shops in future just like the other phone cards or idd cards?
ANS: Yes, but only Malaysian. iTalk are sold at shops displaying iTalk sign.

Still need reason to convince yourself to join? Think no further, here's why
  1. Go Green - Reduce thick printed bill / Reduce fuel consumption for delivering bill to you / Reduce plastic consumption when the portal can basically replace your phone / Save trees
  2. Stay Healthy - Need not to and compare among prices to scout for best bargain, no tough decision require, just smart decision
  3. Get Connection - You can send and receive update on twitter while talking to someone on the call mode
  4. Keep in touch - When you are not available both on twitter and on call, people can still keep in touch with you via email, and good things is when you login to WHOA! portal you will notice new incoming mail
    Convenience - Type SMS with your actual size keyboard, and blast to multiple contact in single go. Time saver indeed.
  5. All in one - Don't you just love everything manageable within one single container? Please be honest with yourself, you want a camera phone instead of plain phone, you want GPS phone instead of plain GPS, so same here manage your contact, schedule, email, call, sms, twitter from iTalk WHOA portal. Go register now (http://www.italkwhoa.com/)

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