Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Dream Destination

Althought I love my country so much, love the food here (come on just admit it), love the people here, love the priviledge here, and love my friends and family here too, but my dream destination sadly enough is not within Malaysia. If I could just ignore the financial constraint that I have, I dream destination would be Japan.. Let's play a guessing game here..

My favourite shop at any given mall here in Klang Valley have to be S&J, inQbox, and Action City. So what do I have in common with Japan? Well I like cute-but-weird-yet-creative-maybe-not-that-useful-type-of-stuff-or-maybe-it-has-its-purpose, and where's the best place to find all thse but Japan?
Apart from that, there is this kawaii 'dolls' too
Also famous for their punk / gothic / cosplay too
However I don't really fancy about their food..  But I have to take my hat off to respect the Japanese for their technology
Japan too have a fair share amount of trans / ladyboy / kawaii dude which I happen to fall in love...... with their song
AnCafe is one of them..
Japan might not be listed as one of the wonder of the world in general, but to me it doesn't have to because it is already a wonderful place to me for leisure, for vacation, and even for serious business.

We all know that the living cost in Japan is high, but I remember mentioned that if you know how, having a vacation in Japan is quite cheap. What's better is travelling with is not only cheap but comfortable too. Did you know that you can even book your flight via mobile? Do check them out ya..
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