Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Trip with My Broadband

Remember how I mention my life would be if I were to unplug myself from the Internet world? I would basically be nothing more than a dead fish. We first have portable computer AKA laptop, slowly we have netbook which in this case is a smaller version of our notebook and lighter of course, then now we have smartphone, which is again a smaller version of our netbook. Gadgets have transform from one form to another which basically it is now only the size of our palm. Cool eh??

However it is meaningless if there is no connectivity to it. Without the Internet, all the gadgets we are holding is just nothing but a piece of high tech looking junk.. Sometime it is not how new the technology any gadget have, but it is often the content that one can enjoy through these device that matter.. For instant if you have a phone which can make calls, text, and make 3G call, that's pretty bored right? But if you have a phone which you can receive your friend's update, see your friend's latest photo, and bla bla bla, isn't that cooler?

That's why I need to have ma broadband with me whenever I go on a road trip.. Not only I can receive friend's status but I can call for help too when I'm lost somewhere.. This is what it all matter to me in terms of gadget.. There are several telco in Malaysa that offer broadband on the go and one of the most active one would be P1 Wimax
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