Friday, July 1, 2011

Transformer: Dark of The Moon (DOTM)

Well first of all would really appreciate Double A for the 3D screening of DOTM and thank Nuffnang for the very very premiere of DOTM which falls on Tuesday.
I decided to go for the 3D screening as I was son convenience by not just Michael Bay's recommendation but also good review from other source which includes James Cameron (the one who brought us Avatar)

I guess Double A is relatively new in this and applause should be given to them for having pretty much everything sorted out even before the screening day. We were given option to collect ticket either from the office in Jaya 33 or on the screening day itself. ****Pssst those who thought collecting on the screening day itself are only left with worse seat, they are so wrong

If you're still not aware, to maximize the 3D experience you have to sit nearer to the screen. I do not have the opportunity to do so because my friend often get dizzy while watching 3D, so we pick a seat that is far from screen.

Everyone was given a goodies bag. We will look what's in it toward the end of this post.
First thing first before the robots, Megan Fox was not featured (a polite way of saying) in DOTM and was replaced by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a model.
Beside the new cast, there were new bots introduced into the movie as well, like this Red Ferrari named Dino, and others, oh ya not forgetting Sentinel Prime. Feeling bored already? Well that is how the first half of the movie to me. The character and plot build up take a rather lengthy share of the 2 hours and 31 minutes of the entire show and there were nothing that would really hype up the inner excitement of a fan.
There were however several alien robot that transform into a different object from its original form. Megatron is among them and I somehow think Megatron look like a 'Macik' =.="
Thing only started to get interesting on the 2nd half of the movie, but it was still under expectation. Perhaps it is due to the frequent advertisement and praise that how good it will be.
When the war took place on earth, it would be a mess, this is where I love most, destruction here and there. I am impress on how technology could create a world that was in our imaginary mind. Have to agree that the battle is kinda epic and instead of making it better, Michael seems to go for bigger with bigger destroyer, bigger battle scene, bigger mass destruction, bigger weapon. There were still kinda lack of introduction to those newly introduced robots.
While everyone seems to be witnessing the epic war, I seems to be trying to find some impressive 3D effect to jaw break myself. Sadly that didn't happen. I remember Michael telling the world that the cameraman have to do the stunt as he wanted them to capture the action to produce 3D effect and not using software to generate it. I however bet that at this point of time software conversion is capable of doing a better job than live shooting. Throughout the movie, the only 'floating' object is the subtitle.
There were however some twist, and yay I love twist in any given plot. It took me by surprise even though I've watched the 9 minute video which basically gives you a preview from begin to end. Battle among the Autobots and Decepticons was interesting but short. Like Revenge of The Fallen (ROTF), enemy die too soon / easy. It would be a mega blast if battle were 1) spread thoroughly through out the movie and 2) more transformation and battle scene. There were however some big mega movie mistake spotted by a none Transformer fan. She told me that how come when in robot mode, they look dirty but when in vehicle mode, they look shinny clean. I guess it was like this since Transformers.
There were a mix review on the 3D effect and the plot. My advice if you are watching the 3D version, try to get closer to the screen. Also don't expect too much either, just go in and have your mind blew away on the CGI. Although they were robots without a heart like us, they do make some audience "sob". The most successful part of DOTM is that it make you feel sad / unhappy, and etc.. Because of what happen to some people's favorite robot. It also tear you up because of what Alien is willing to scarifies to mankind and vice versa.

I will definitely go watch the movie again but it might not be so soon because of the sudden craze where everyone is out for movie leaving no vacant space for every show.
The goodies bag given includes a mini Double A notepad, a Transformer edition notebook, and folder.

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Rate: 3.5/5


cablay said...

Love the movie nice story line and lots of twist

DoN said...

Hey, next 3D movie don't sit with your dizzy friends. It won't hurt to get separated from them for two hours or so. Longest review Ive seen from you!!! Check out mine at


Kian Fai said...

I was laughing at the last part, it is like Romance of the Three Kingdom :X

anyways good post :)

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