Friday, July 22, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

YES this is yet another Marvel superhero comic to move conversion type of movie and YES the superhero grew from zero to hero. Kinda familiar? That's cause these are the tricks that make your all time favourite superhero look good.
Like every superhero movie, there will be past, present, and future story build up scene and Captain America is not spared.
 It begin with the introduction of Captain America's soon to be nemesis and about the mysterious power where it would create deathly weapon.
Where there is Chris Evan, there is topless scene. If I remember correctly he did went half naked at some point of the movie.
I guess by now you've notice there is more of common element than something new / fresh. Fret not because the 3D effect was pretty good. Compare it with Transformers: Dark of The Moon and Harry Potter, Captain America portrait way better effect than those overrated comment before the movie release. But still it is not up to a point where you could actually feel the shield come banging onto your face. Minor dirt falling onto your face after every explosion is however present :)
Although the movie does not happen in a futuristic world like Avatar nor Thor, I love the way this movie is being rendered. Every scene gave the cartoonist feel with actual cast running all around, and not to mention the explosion and dust effect.
Note that there is a super awesome hidden scene after the credit. So do make sure you stay back for it. I would say is the best seen so far because it get me hype up for The Avenger
I guess unlike other Marvel movie, this movie clearly tell the audience that there will be a bigger and massive battle on the way where it team up Captain America, Ironman, Thor, and several others known as the Avengers. Something for the boys and not sure if girls would like it too.

Oh ya thank United International Picture, TGV KLCC, and Nuffnang for the press 3D screening.

Rate: 3.5/5

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