Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Love Wing Chun

What a clash, there were 3 movie screening that I was aware of that falls on the same day and like everyone else, I have to pick only 1 to watch. There were Captain America, Hangover 2, I Love Win Chun, and since I am watching it alone, I picked I Love Wing Chun knowing that this is gonna disappoint me.
Ever since the release of Ip Man and Ip Man 2, Wing Chun (a type of martial art) has become so popular that everyone wants a piece of it. So what this movie is really about? Nothing, it doesn't have anything related to the martial art at all nor does it have any sense / storyline in it
The movie stars various "famous" artist ranging from MyFM DJs, to Malaysia model like Amber Chia, to Hong Kong artist as well. But heck this is yet another tried too hard to be funny but failed even harder movie.
As Malaysian, yes I'm proud that we do have names that it into movie industry, I am proud that the movie was shoot in Malaysia, I'm also proud that we could collaborate with stars from overseas. But heck why don't they put even more effort into making with better plot? Not recommended even if you got to watch it free as it is like Ip Man + Stephen Chow worse parody.

Rate: 0.5/5 for the effort.

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WestSiDe said...

I love your comment! Thanks really save my pocket money :)

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