Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wu Xia

Got my very last minute invite to the premiere screening of Wu Xia starring none other than the best know Wing Chun mastker - Ip Man Donnie Ye and the famous Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro
Wu Xia is also known as Dragon internationally. As furious as the title may sound, the overall execution was not up to (my) expectation, to be honest.
A sinful Kung Fu master who had history he wished he never had venture into a new village planning to start a new life was ruin when he 'accidentally' aid in a robbery and killing both the robbers. Not only the incident got him under the 'care-watch' of a determined detective, it also expose his identity to former sifu (master) who is on the search for his 'long lost' son
Although I manage to describe everything in just few sentence, the movie Wu Xia took 80% of the screen time to do so. This is not the best Donnie Yen action movie I've seen and it is lack of what a fan is looking forward to. Toward the final part where it was suppose to keep the best for last was another big disappointment on how the villain die. 
If you however love watching Donnie being kick in the butt and being on the defeated side, this is probably something you shouldn't miss.

Rate: 2/5

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