Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrities Who Stink

Usually celebrity do have a positive and clean image in our minds technically but who would come into picture when you are asked to name 1, yea just 1 celebrity who stink??

Well to me I have one in mind.. Let's see if we connect.. *Drum roll*

Hmm.. Maybe that photo is not too obvious.. How about this

It is nobody but Robert Pattinson, the vampire from the Twilight trilogy..

Why I say he stink you may be wondering.. Well I remember reading a magazine which managed to interviewed Robert in person after the success movie Twilight was released.. And according to the write up, it claims that Robert doesn't wash his hair for like 2-3 weeks or was it months.. OMFG.. just so that his hair look oily and wet and smells the way it is.. Lol I joke about the smelling part but seriously he purposely don't wash his hair for the wet look.. I mean come on there is this wet look type of gel / mud / spray where you can apply on.. But then again, as an artist he may think that it is not natural..

I might not have a source to back up my post here but you can always try to google for it.. I'm writing this post in a rush because I need to be the first 50 to eligible for the advertorial :p

Anyway back to my story.. Wonder will any of his female fans will love his hair smell even knowing the fact that he don't wash his hair.. Seriously I think this is the only celebrity that need a heavy deodorant from head to toe.. Cause I suspect is he didn't wash up other parts too :p Sorry fans but no offense..

I think the new adidas action 3 suits him as it was initially meant for sports and extreme outgoing person, so as a celebrity Robert should really consider using this.. Or should Adidas consider sponsoring him?? Whichever way let's just hope Robert did that for the sake of the character in the movie only..

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