Friday, May 21, 2010

Some other prizes I won from numerous contest

Warning: This post is not made to brag!
If anyone of you think that way, it is better to click on the "X" button on top right corner.
Book of Eli Movie Passes & Notebook
 Nescafe Gold Supply
 Hmm.. Kinda forgotten what's inside
Some Jusco Voucher
 More movie passes
 Alicia Keys Deluxe Edition CD
 Digi Internat plan which I didn't use till now.. Wonder if it is still usabe.. Hmm..
 Era FM Goodies bag with premier invitation to the movie starring Jackie Chan.. 
 Concert passes
 Kelly Clarkson CD from One FM
 4GB Memory Card by Kingston
 FlyFM party passes with TGI Friday buffet.. Yum yum..
 Puma T-Shirt from Digi
 All these voucherssssssssssssssss I won from Manhattan Fish Market
Celebrity Fitness Gym Membership Valid for a year. Honestly I rarely go there.. Should have sell it off.. But they don't sponsor this prize for a price.. Everytime I'm there they will ask me to join this join that.. Even during registration, they nag nag nag despite the fact that I told her my movie is starting soon.. They just want me to join and want my friends to join too.. Not a sincere prize I shall say..
 2012 Floating ring
 2012 T-shirt for him and for her x 2
 Black Eyed Peas CD + T-Shirt

What notice there's alot more small prize that I got but kinda lazy to post em right now.. Stay tune for a bigger prize soon..


theeggyolks said...

wow! that's a lot of wins!!!

Fallen Angel said...

There's more to come.. Stay tune and have a nice weekend :)

greenteacarm said...

wa :D i jealous lol
u must have been really lucky ^__^

cablay said...

wow that was too many congrats and continue winning you are my idol

atreyu strange said...

waaaa... can i have the jusco vouchers please?? haha!

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