Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a game-to-movie based movie in case you don't know and this year itself we have plenty of novel-to-movie, oldies-retake, and game-to-movie genre..
Big title that will be arriving soon from such genre are
- The A Team
- Takken
- King of Fighter
- and plenty more

Was blessed to be invited to the preview screening of Prince of Persia last week and each person is accompanied with a long tin of Mister Potato new rice crisp potato chip.

Honestly if weren't because of the title / conversion, there will be plenty of movie that we will usually skip, but movie with the title like Street Fighter, Dragon Ball and the list goes on are the one we watched and then regretted as it wasted nearly 2 hours of our life which we couldn't gain back.

Prince of Persia however was not one of those, luckily.. The entire movie experience can be summarized by with this one sentence... "The CG was nicely blended into the movie and you can barely differentiate what's real and what's not"

The style Prince of Persia is executed is almost alike with the one you saw in game, so game may enjoy and appreciate it more..

I'm not gonna include any spoiler as I get complain saying that my blog is pure evil especially when it contains "HIDDEN" spoiler, especially for mega blockbuster movie.

Rating: 4/5

To me this is not really an action movie (in case someone have the same thought as me before watching it), it is more of magical and adventure type of movie.


jfook said...

I haven't watch yet. Sad..

Fallen Angel said...

Oo.. didn't participate in the NN screening??
Well you should catch it soon dude.. Some NN watched it twice before the official release.. That's how nice it is..

Tcr Ain said...

playing Prince of Persia games only..

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