Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Winning the Samsung Beat DJ Phone

I never knew about the existence of this phone until I won it.. Seems that either this phone is not that popular as compare to iPhone, Blackberry, HTC or it is really lousy.. But anyway it is a prize that I won from junk forum
Let me just unbox it and test to see if it is functioning
The complete accessories.. It even come with a silicon case too.. How considerate is Samsung..
That is one X-Files we have there.. I didn't insert my sim card into the phone and yet it is showing Welcome to Maxis 3G =.="
The stylish and sexy curve

The colorful menu
Menu again from different angle..
Camera view from Samsung Beat DJ phone
Another camera view.. Notice that the phone is actually quite tiny??

That's all.. Just switch on to test and to check out the camera.. Al in working condition, so packed all back into the box

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