Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shop like a boss

I once blogger about Layar, the mobile app that make it to the headline worldwide, providing not just augmented reality feature but also a platform to search for relevant info / item such as petrol station and its distance, twitter user around you, price checking and plenty more. Well that heat die off pretty quick for one main reason, it wasn't localize enough and without much content from within each region, it just went cold. However the good news is now there is something similar and its focus is currently on both few country now which would indeed benefit us as Malaysian.
Save22 allows you to window shop leading retailers in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines before you go shopping. Save22 keep the site updated with comprehensive pricing, promotions and sales information updated daily. You can browse and search for products and promotions from your favourite retailers
As shown above, they do have a rather huge collection of retails and leading brand capture and updated frequently. Beside highlighting the on going promotion, pricing, location, and several other useful yet informative details, save22 too is capable of detecting your location and highlight stuff you with promotion nearby you and that you might be interested in.
Other sort of key element such as the expiry date of a particular promotion. With such cool feature you can plan ahead not only your journey but also on saving that extra cash that could really put into good use on other purpose.
Searching is also made easy and simple. Save22 emphasize on the KISS method where first timer would easily get used and get hooked to it hunting for great saving. Such achievement / satisfaction is money can't buy but it can be reach through your involvement. Not only you can unleash the superhero in you by practicing eco friendly daily lifestyle, you might also be idol to those who always envy you getting best bargain and saving lots more than them.
 With Save22 you will be a star among your friends before you realize that. So hurry go check now

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