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Big Chomp Burger

In case you're still in dreamland, the rate of a newly open burger joint is faster than my blog update T_T With more diner craving for more on burgers and seeking for something new for a change, these burger joint don't just stop there, they keep on trying and doing their own R&D and keep coming up with different kind of menu / burger list.
Scored myself an invite from Foodirector for a blogger hangout session at Big Chomp alongside with all famous blogger like Wilson Ng from Places and Foods, Ruth from, Kelvin Tan from and plenty more like http://pandatuna.blogspot.com and the list continue. Big Chomp is located the same row as Cuppa Kaffe and if would like to read more about Cuppa Kaffe do visit this page
Big Chomp had a rather spacious dining atmosphere with a peaceful and soothing environment. Parking here could be little tricky and might require some distance walking if you're visiting this place at night. There were two types of bun serves in Big Chomp and they are Charcoal Bun and White Bun. A small piece of advice, do go for the Charcoal Bun cause it is softer and was good to go with the ingredient. The normal bun was somehow very dry to me. Also do take note that instead of crunchy green lettuce, Big Chomp replace it with salad which is pretty subjective to whether it is good move or vice versa. I personally would love to have some crunchy lettuce in my burger though.
Eddgra - RM15
Eddgra made with Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Spanish Omelet, Beef Patty.

Juicy Lucy - RM14
Juicy Lucy come with Pickles, Caramelized Onions, Stuff Cheesy Beef Patty.

Spice It Up - RM17
Spice It Up is one of the recommended burger in the beef category and it has an indication that this is a spicy burger which contain Cheese, Parmesan Eggy, Salami and Pepperoni, Beef Patty.

Hawaii Style - RM15
Among the burger that I manage to try would be Hawaii Style burger which comes with Grilled Pineapple, Parmesan Eggy, Deep Fried Chicken. Credit have to be given to the Deep Fried Chicken which doesn't taste like something I can get from the street nor something I can simulate in the kitchen of my own. It has this unique and not overly heavy herbs taste to it, tender and juicy. If there's one thing to improve, it would be its overly covered batter, taking up 20% of the overall fillet. Grilled Pineapple add flavor to every chomp with drips of fresh and refreshing kick.

The Beast - RM14
The Beast consist of Pickles, Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Mustard Beef Patty.

Chomp B+ - RM16
Chomp B+ should also be another recommended burger from the menu list according to other foodie who was there at this Foodirector hangout session. Have no choice but to gather feedback from others on the Beef Burger cause I couldn't consume due to religious reason. Chomp B+ is made with Cheese Cream, Beef Bacon, Hashbrown, Beef Patty.

Peco Chomp - RM12
Peco Chomp is made with Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Spanish Omelette, Grilled Chicken which is infused with the BBQ taste to it. Spanish Omelette wasn't a necessity if you ask me as it was lightly flavored and was wrapped between strong taste like Cheese, Caramelized Onions and Chicken Patty. With or without the Omelette I didn't taste any different. To me Peco Chomp is somewhat close to typical burger.

Flossy Chicken - RM13
Flossy Chicken is one of the must try whenever you stop by to try out new taste in Big Chomp and the burger consist of Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Flossy Omelette, Grilled Chicken. Taste wise is pretty similar to Peco Chomp but with a small twist, as this Omelette is stuffed with Chicken Floss that give that additional sweetness to it. It was one of the simple twist that give you complex yet satisfying taste.

Flaming O - RM14
Flaming O suits those who seek spiciness in their burger and being a spicy lover myself, I enjoy Flaming O too. Flaming O is made with Pimento Cheese, Salami and Pepperoni, Deep Fried Chicken. The big chunk of chili added to the mayo spread onto Deep Fried Chicken will trigger the burning sensation anytime when you're chewing. Chicken fillet was good as mentioned above and if there is one thing they can improve it would be the excessive batter.

Spicy Bella - RM14
Beside Beef and Chicken Burger, Big Chomp do serves meatless burger which again I'm not too sure if it is vegetarian. There are some who will go deep into the pan / oil / ingredient used to prepare the burger and there are those vegetarian who don't mind as long as the visible doesn't contain meat. So it is best vegetarian consult the cook before placing your order. Spicy Bella is made with Cheese, Grilled Pineapple, Grilled Portabello. To me even after grilling the Portabello, it is still pretty juicy and moist. The only taste I remember from Spicy Bella has to be the strong taste of Portabello which I would preferred it light taste instead, and the spicy burn.

Fatty Shroom - RM15
Unfortunately my stomach couldn't take in more so I skipped Fatty Shroom which came out almost last from all the burger presented. It is made with Parmesan egg, Deep Fried Button Mushroom, Deep Fried Portabello.

Chomp C+ - RM17
The same go to Chomp C+, I didn't had the chance to try it but I'm sure they taste good as feedback from other foodie. It is made with Cheese Cream, Ham, Hashbrown, Deep Fried Chicken. Notice I didn't mention anything about the fries? That's cause the fries I had was normal fries and it was pretty dry too, thus nothing much to shout about on that.

No.39, Jalan SS15/8A,Subang Jaya, 
47500, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Operation Hours
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Phone 012-296 1269


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