Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cuppa Kaffe

After weeks of food journey with, we took a break from having burgers and dine in Cuppa Kaffe, a newly open chill out cafe around SS15 area.
The Background
The owner, Ben an ex-Metropolitan student found it expensive to hangout or even having revision on public cafe nearby. He recently return to Malaysia after spending 6 years in overseas and decided to open up a place for everyone to hangout not only with a cup of coffee or tea, but also desert and main course too.
With that in mind, you can be in Cuppa Kaffe from day till night because you can order food without leaving your seat. Cuppa Kaffe is located at 1st floor and is just opposite Asian Cafe. They do offer a quiet and cozy environment but if you're celebrating special occasion like birthday and etc, they do have songs to play for you.
The Food
Since the foundation of Cuppa Kaffe is based on a chill out place, there do serves a wide variety of beverages and desserts, and quite a number of popular main course like pasta and other kind of western cuisine.
Hot Mocha - RM7.90
Aromatically good with a little chocolate dusting to finish it with some sweetness to every sip.

Ice Blended Oreo Mocafe - RM9.50
Strong mocha flavor with chew size of Oreo in it and is finish with a thick layer of whipped cream.

Ice Blended Oreo Chocolate - RM9.50
The chocolate doesn't taste anywhere like Milo and is not overly sweet. The Oreo was overly crunched which I end up with nothing to chew on, but overall it was indeed a great drink.
Hot Chocolate - RM7.90
Iced Vanilla Latte - RM8.90
Hot Latte - RM7.90
Mushroom Soup
The mushroom soup comes with your set lunch with price as low as RM14.90 and is not available on the menu. The soup however is pretty watery / diluted in texture and has a very mild taste in it.

Seafood Carbonara - RM12.90
Beef Bacon Carbonara - RM12.90
The carbonara pasta were good and spaghetti was cook timely and evenly, giving that perfect texture of not overly soggy nor tough. Ingredient used was very fresh and portion given is good to fill you up and not forgetting a generous amount of seafood in it.

Seafood Marinara - RM12.90
Seafood Marinara has an overly strong flavor of tomato paste and it also has this 'sourish' smell too. No doubt the mussel and prawn were fresh.

Peperoncino with Squids - RM12.90
Infused with dry red chili, especially good for those who love some spiciness in their food. Great combination and the dish was adjust to cater for chili lover. A great dish that wasn't too dry nor oily.

Chicken Maryland - RM12.90
Chicken Maryland comes with 3 side dish of coleslaw, onion ring, and fries. The onion ring taste somewhat frozen and I actually had hard time chewing it. Nothing much to mention about the sidedish though. The chicken was slightly overcook, resulting to dryness on the meat.

The sauce that came along with Chicken Maryland was again very watery / diluted. It is as you did not dip into the sauce at all. The good thing would be the rather big piece of chicken was thoroughly seasoned and is good as it is.

Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce - RM12.90
I couldn't really taste the presence of black pepper despite the name. Infused with smoke flavor, the grilled quarter chicken was moist and it was also served with 3 side dish.

Smoked Salmon Salad - RM13.90
The Smoked Salmon Salad was good and flavorful. Grilled with perfect timing, leaving the skin crispy but tender and juicy on the meat.

Chicken Chop Fried Rice - RM12.90
Cantonese fried rice topped with pan beaten fried egg and serves along with fried boneless chicken thigh / breast along with fresh lettuce and slices of cucumber / tomato. There were no unique taste on the rice nor the chicken but it was an enjoyable mean nevertheless. Perhaps boosting up the flavor on fried rice / egg would help others to favorite the dish more.

Beef Ribs - RM13.90
Because I couldn't consume beef I will just quote what others agreed one. The biggest NO NO of this dish has to be the overcooked beef resulting in toughness and difficult to chew on. The sauce used to cook the ribs however was really good.

Moist Chocolate Cake
Hazelnut Truffle
Classic Cappuccino
Banana Chocolate
White Chocolate
Generally the beverage and dessert were pretty amazing. They weren't too sweet (except maybe for the white chocolate cake). Personally I like their moist chocolate cake for that hint of bitterness hidden under the sweet and soft slice of cake. The cake price range from RM7.90 for small size to RM9.90 for big slice.

Do feel free to drop by to give them a support, after all they do have everything you could ever ask for. From Wifi to friendly staff, to TV programme, to even custom music. Let's not forget about the great ambiance that is suitable for business discussion, leisure / chill out, and/or study. Do order their seafood based pasta, chocolate based of drinks and you'll sure to be back for more.

63 , 1st floor, SS15/8A, 
47500 Subang Jaya , Selangor.

Tel: 03-56122855

Operation Hours
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 am


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