Saturday, July 6, 2013

Where to get McDonald's Minion

Within the first day of its release itself, the McDonald's minions was sold out at almost every branch within Klang Valley. Tried asking for it in PJ, KL, and even Serdang / Shah Alam area, there weren't any left. But on the very 3rd day itself I still manage to get it.
I bet the next question for those who are hunting for the collection would be "Where can I get these?" Well what if I tell you I actually have a secret app / site that could pinpoint specific outlet with the number of available stock and is capable to map the closest outlet to your location? Wouldn't you die to find out which app / site it is?
Well now that I get your attention, there is no such app / site to locate the minions sadly. Wait wait, don't close the browser just yet, cause there is something else that is greater and more feasible than just location minions. If you missed my previous post about you can still read it here
To cut the story short, the example given above is exactly what you can expect from You now don't have to go through the terrible after office hour rush and you wouldn't miss any promotion / sales anymore.
However since I already posted the functionality and the object of save22, I will not repeat myself again here but instead I would like to share some thought about the site after using and exploring it for a while now, and would love to add in some comment and suggestion to how it can further aid not only Malaysian in hunting for bargain, but also to turn into a worldwide platform that one can benefit from it in any part of the world.

The Good

  • Can pre-plan shopping venue and time
  • Avoid unnecessary cost - on-spot price survey, stuck in jam, bought expensive goods, and etc
  • More time for other activities
  • Promotion ending date shown clearly and visibly
  • Brag when your friend gotten the same goods with higher price
  • Easy and straight forward platform
  • Location and/or category pinpoint
  • Collectively huge database from hypermarket to premium market, from new restaurant to classy restaurant, and from grocery store to gadget hub.
  • Map / Satellite view according to your preference
  • Promotion Highlight
  • Last but not least, the services / platform is available FREE

The Not So Good
With great saving achievement like that, one might overspend to kill the crave in reaching for a higher level of 'organism'. Ok the not so good side would be as follow
  • Not super use-friendly, not yet but I believe would improve from time to time
  • Would be good to expand its huge database to massive database so that it cover every corner of the country
  • Could be nasty to keep track  surveying multiple promotion in a single tab
  • Couldn't share promo I found elsewhere and yet to available on save22
  • Not mobile friendly - Map is being blocked by Nearby Promo window and couldn't seem to close it

The Wishlist
  • A mobile app, duh
  • Ability to add promo to personal / Google calendar so that it can remind me when promo is about to expire
  • Add promo to "View Later / Favourite" list so that I don't have to search for that one particular that I've forgotten
  • Share and earn point for reward if possible
  • Store check-in for extra / special priviledge promotion
  • Augmented Reality for a more realistic and interactive bargain hunting experience
To be honest there are several other site / blog that focuses on bargain around the area it reside in and it would required guts crazy person to come out with similar or just another bargain site without killer feature that outstand it comparing to others "veteran", that is according to my honest opinion.
If you have yet to visit, do pay them a visit, after all a click wouldn't kill you, and according to Kelly Clarkson, what doesn't kill you make you stronger. You may also drop your suggestion here so that we can compile a list of enhancement which would made our life easier from then on. 
Alternatively you could blog about your experience, or your fantasy about save22 and stand a chance to win trip to Phuket, yes freaking free trip! For further details do visit

** Though some suggestion / word used might be harsh and hard to swallow, it was not intended to offend anyone / any party. It was merely an attention grabber to highlight certain area and hopefully would I could benefit from it.

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