Monday, July 15, 2013

48 Years of Greatness

I bet we all Malaysian had fond memory back in Resorts World Genting (RWG) as it would be our first choice of leisure / short holiday within the country. Not only did RWG gave us Malaysian a good memory, it had also attracted tourist from all around the world since its operation started 48 years back. Today as of 2013 RWG would be celebrating its 48 anniversary in coming weeks and instead of asking for present from us, RWG is actually going to give us present.
Based on the 'theme' of 48, you can expect to see plenty of 48 promotion here in RWG. To begin with RWG bring together 7 famous Magician and put them into 1 show named Superstars of Magic 3. The show will be priced at RM48 on selected Sunday, details can be found here
If you are not willing to even spend that dirt cheap entrance fee of RM48 to watch tip top magic performance, you can still be entertained with street magic with the fabulous International Buskers from all around the world. I've had a sneak peak of their performance and man, I will be making a trip up there again to watch the whole series. You can get more details here
Also when you're there for the Buskers, do take the opportunity to take photo with two dinosaur that will be making their round and hunting for a great time together with the visitor there. For the schedule appearance you can visit
You guessed it right, you there is a promotion on theme park entrance and sky dive ticket too. There will also be a wide range of restaurant and shop that offer 48% discount on their goods and services, so be sure to keep an eye on RWG website and Social Media Platform for time to time update. If that already make you drool, wait till you find out about the accommodation promotion. Yes after a long and tiring day of fun and excitement, there's no need to rush back. Do pamper yourself to a night stay at First World Hotel with only RM48 per night and it comes with a free mooncake so that you can pre-celebrate mid autumn festival there and then. You can get further and detail info here
With all the exciting line up during RWG 48th Anniversary, be sure to pamper yourself too and make it another year of great memory together with RWG

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