Thursday, May 30, 2013

Juice Works: Tofu Magic

If you couldn't tell what the image below is, then you better read up here and here
Anyway Juice Works has done it again, with the introduction of its new drink this summer. It is not just any ordinary fruit juice / smoothies but it is a healthtilicious cup of goodness, this I can promise :)
I ordered mine from 1 Utama momentary ago and never did I expect there was a long queue at the counter.  Not sure what others ordered but one thing for sure, they had opted for an healthier option to a healthier lifestyle despite being spoiled by choices available there.
The finished artwork of Tofu Magic is as shown above,  pretty plain in color and presentation. Texture wise it has this very thick (coming from Banana) and crunchy (crunched iced). It has a good blend of sweetness from the fruits as well as from the ice-cream. The banana tend to overwhelm other mixture in this blend and sip after sip I interestingly found the presence of tofu. Half way through my healthy cup of Tofu Magic, I actually thought I tasted soy milk, and it could be easily explain as tofu is made of soy milk after all. It truly offered that magical taste and I personally love it very much although my usual preference would be mango. Tofu Magic is priced at RM12.95 for Midi Size and RM13.95 for Power Size.
If you aren't Juice Works VIP member yet, do apply now. Only then you can enjoy a 50% (+10% if you bring your own Juice Works tumbler) off your favorite drink on every Wednesday from 5PM - 7PM. Now there's no excuse not go to healthy.
There's more, you can also enjoy drinks at RM5 but it is only available at Juice Works2Go at Tropicana City Mall. With all the tempting offer and punch that one should not refuse, you have every reason to start grabbing one. I used to be lazy to eat fruits and juice / smoothie is the best way to make me or anyone like me consume and crave for more goodies like this.

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