Saturday, December 1, 2012

Juice Works - Jingle Berry

There were several reaction when we move into December 2012 and some is all well prepared for the end of the world, some is anxious on what's gonna happen, some who believe it is just a myths. and there were some who didn't care much but hope on to the train and travel all the way to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to attend some meaning event that would brighten up the weekend.
In conjunction with the upcoming festival (if the world doesn't end), Juice Works introduced its Xmas series of drink named Jingle Berry. It is a combination of vitagen, passion fruit, peach, and strawberries. It is pure goodness in a cup and I don't think I will need to go on explaining benefits each.
Reach the venue quite early, and had the opportunity to snap photo before it end up in our stomach.
I personally think the Jingle Berry suits the Xmas theme and it gave a sweet and freezing taste. The sandy yet chewy ice crushed actually enhanced the overall experience. It is also a drink that will actually fill up the tummy, and if you plan to skip meal the healthy way, Jingle Berry has to be the best option. Beside Jingle Berry, I personally like the Water Berry too, Water Berry is made with Watermelon, Strawberry, and Apple Juice. This is the liquid and watery type of drink that is refreshing enough sip after sip.
After a short and informative briefing, we soon begin to battle each other out in creating our very own juice. My team, team 2 created a smoothie and called it "Passion KingGo" which actually is the combination of Passion fruist, Kiwi, Mango, and Mango Yogurt. It was crowned as the best drink and we each walk home a complimentary drink.
Juice Works obviously have some other competitor going on but what make Juice Works stand out is that the brand is actually Malaysian made. The founder of Juice Works actually had a pharmacy background and is aware of the type of nutritious required by our body each day. The juices / smoothies available on their menu is carefully created and they constantly promote active yet healthy lifestyle. So the next time you're planning to spend over RM10 for a cup of sinful drink, why not give Juice Works a try? It will lead you to a new lifestyle.
Do look out for the ongoing promotion and you could quench your thirst without bleeding your wallet!!

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