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Astro Explorer-On-The-Go

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What is Astro On-The-Go? It is a portable app that allow you to view your favourite channel, TV programme, live matches or even blockbuster movie on the ease of your finger tip. Astro On-The-Go is not only available to Astro subscriber, in fact this cool service is open to everyone from as low as RM10!
In conjunction with its awareness campaign, Nuffnang collaboratively invited 50 bloggers from its community not only to witness the very happening event, but also to a on ground challenge where every team will be contesting against other team to grab their hand on the spanking new Samsung Galaxy S4 and other very demanding gadget like iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and ca$h!
If that didn't make you regret missing out such great opportunity, this definitely would! There were also lucky draw, most tweet contest, and artist appearance on that particular day, and wait, the good drooling list doesn't stop there, those who attended the 'quest' get a second opportunity to win some most wanted gadget from the post-blogging contest too! Now you can goto your preference corner and sob.
So flash back to last Saturday 18 May 2013, participant started to gather around the registration counter patiently to 'check-in' so that their name is confirm for the lucky draw, and also to find out their randomly drawn partner. My initial partner is Sharatul Salma Otham from but because she couldn't make it, I was reassigned to team with Chin Wan Jing from
While waiting for the green light, everyone was busy trying to familiarise themself with the iPad given so that there's no unwanted interruption during the quest. Everyone say hi to my team mate, Wan Jing.
The quest is similar to treasure hunt where Wan Jing and I have to guess the location where the marshals are in order to complete all 10 of them. Although clue were given, Wan Jing and I was not familiar with Sunway Pyramid thus we took several long path just to get to the place we want. Felt bad to Wan Jing because she tried to keep up with my unusual pace, not only she sweat alot but also had body ache due to the quest.
Astro Hua Hee Dai Station
Astro Disney XD Station
Astro Ria Station
Astro Champions League Station
Astro Discovery Station
Astro Animax Station
We manage to complete the quest at a very slow pace of 1 hour+ but we both were satisfy and happy that we actually manage to complete it, and these are the photo taken in each station. Guess what, I always love cosplay but never dare to put one on, that's why I especially enjoy posing with with the anime cosplayer there. The best part however is of course having an [A]lways [S]upporting [T]eammate, [R]eally [O]bligate to finish the quest at whatever it takes.

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After the challenge, all 50 bloggers were treated to not just any ordinary meal, but were invited to dine in delicious for lunch. Not only Astro is generous with the prize, but they also took care of our tummy too. As most blogger, we have to feed our camera first before feeding ourself.
I had a fun filling dining experience with all the bloggers there and not forgetting an adventurous hunt with Wan Jing too. After the delicious meal, all 50 of us head back to the concourse area to catch artist appearance while waiting patiently for the result to be tabulate.
The crowd were entertained by some really good performance, which then following my on stage game, and last but not least some dramatic scene from movie that is available with Astro before stars making appearance on stage where you least expected it.
Scene from JODOH
Scene from Oz The Great And Powerful
Scene from Pearl Harbor
Scene from Chinese Drama
Oh My English Star Appearance
I better stop here cause there's a handful or performance and surprise appearance that day and if you wish to view it all click here to watch my recording. After all that, and a good minutes of entertainment on stage it is time to announce the result. Here's a short clip for the live announcement and prize presentation on stage.

Congratulation to all the winners, they really well deserved it *applause*
Chia Chin Yee from
Won herself an Apple iPad Mini in Lucky Draw
Tan Hui Xin from
Nor Iman Bin Nazuki from
Won themself RM500 + RM800 (AOTG subscriber)  in Top Tweeting Team 
Mahadir Bin Mohamed Arifin from
Nuramira Izzati Binti Shaiful Bahri from
Won themself 2x Nexus 7 in 2nd Runner Up Team 
Khairul Anuar from
Nur Haiqal Rawlins Una Abdullah from
Won themself 2x Apple iPad Mini + RM800 (AOTG subscriber)
Joel Wong from
Nur Atikah binti Muhammad Ramlan from
Won the Grand Prize of 2x Samsung Galaxy S4 + RM800 (AOTG subscriber)

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I get to learn alot more about Astro On-The-Go during the challenge, and also found out that the drama / movie / programme that I always wanted to watch are there, ready to be stream with just a touch from my finger tip. Among the highlight are

  • Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph
  • Raja Lawak
  • MasterChef Selebriti
  • Jodoh
  • Oh My English
  • Pearl Harbour
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • The Thieves
  • CZ12 (Jackie Chan)
  • Hua Hee Everyday
  • Empresses in the Palace
  • Jang Ok Jung
  • TLC’s Cooking Challenge
  • Discovery’s Survival Skills
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • Barclays Premiere League
  • PGA Tour: Golf
  • Romantika

and the list continues. Seriously there are more programme that you can watch where you'll be complaining that 24 hours isn't enough for you anymore. These are not just any typical programme but programme that could educate the young, bonding the family, and max out the fun time hanging with friends. Fot more you can find out here

Overall, what is there not to be like during the event? I get to know more friends, CATCH UP with those who I've not seen for months like Tian Chad, Anuar and a handfull of others, and not forgetting a memorable experience with all the fun people you could ever come across to. There's one hidden feature Astro On-The-Go has to offer and I'm gonna quietly share with you how I foresee it could play an important role in my life. With Astro On-The-Go, I can magically turn red light into green light, cutting short my wait time.
Admit it, those who didn't abide to the law will know what it mean. OK joke aside, with Astro On-The-Go I can stop my personal trainer service at the gym because now I have my very private trainer right there in my room, if you get what I mean

As such I can't give lame excuse for not getting myself slim and fit, except maybe for this
I too can watch movie that I did not manage to win invitation to the premiere screening with Video On Demand (VOD) and best part being typical Chinese is where I can gather friends who wanted to watch the same title can charge them a whooping fee of RM2 each. Some called me stingy, but I consider myself a hero for taking lead to help save electricity
On special occasion, like during my GF birthday, I can secretly learn to cook some easy to cook but look astonishing dish (like take home chef) for her without her knowing it even if I watch the programme in TLC with her.
I may not be a fan of all these TV drama / series, but my partner is, and it is frustrating that everytime she watch a drama / series on her mobile, the app (using P2P technology) eat up all the bandwidth, resulting me not able to access the Internet.
 Thank God Astro On-The-Go doesn't take up all the bandwidth and we can both watch our favourite programme separately without having the lag. Asto offered a wide range of drama / series ranging from local to oversea like Hong Kong, Korean, China, Taiwan, US, and etc, also from Malay to Chinese to English. There's just something for everyone!

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Last but not least, here's a video through my camera lens during that event for you to enjoy.

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Now that you know how Astro On-The-Go benefit you, aren't you in a hype to get one yourself? Well the good news here is Astro On-The-Go is open to everyone, it doesn't matter if you are or aren't a Astro Subscriber, you can still use this service from as cheap as RM10. Yes RM10! Your proper meal even cost more that in Sunway Pyramid to be honest. So wait no more and get yourself an account by subscribing  here

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