Saturday, August 18, 2012

Juice Works: Blogger Get Along Workshop

It was a wonderful Sunday morning last week and what a better way to kick start the final day of the week (some treated Sunday as the first day of the week, so whichever it is, is still the same) with a fresh and meaningful start?
I arrive KL rather early, around 10AM for the grand opening of Brands Outlet at Fahrenheit 88 KL. There were 500 pcs of RM50 cash vouchers to be given out that day. So after the queue, I head on to Juice Work Pavilion for the workshop which is schedule at 11AM.
Since I was rather early, I head on to the food republic for a quick breakfast. I choose I Love Yoo's porridge set for only RM4 and it comes with "yu tiao". Everything was great with fair amount in terms of portion.
Then the event started. Saw a few familiar faces there and immediately jump over to check myself into the event. Juice works is really generous and look at what I get as door gift?
Yes, that's a Juice Works bottle, mini size VIP card, and a complimentary drink voucher. Wuhoo.
 The mini membership card is still new and will only be launch probably by year end, if the world doesn't end that is.
Beside juice, there were some finger food and other healthy range of item serves on the display table, and there were meant for us. Have a good drool below before I continue with the event.

They also serves us the top 5 best seller in Juice Works and once we've confirm which one we like most, they will blend a huge cup for us.  The list from the top 5 are as below

  • Immuno Kick - Orange, Apple, Carrot
  • Apricot Blusher - Apricot, Mango, Strawberry, Low Fat Mango Yogurt, Apricot Juice
  • Pink Passion - Mango, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Tropical Juice
  • Red Dragon - Dragon Fruit, Lychee
  • Mango Sensation - Mango, Banana, Low Fat Mango Yogurt, Tropical Juice

Introducing the founder of Juice Works, Ling Mooi Li sharing how it it started and also shares some healthy tips. She was once living aboard, but moved back to Malaysia an was disappointed that there were no smoothies in Malaysia years back. When she saw one of the popular stall here came out with smoothies on their menu, the tried happily but was let down by the drink as it is just fruit juice with ice cube. She then started to do R&D and make juice to friends and family. This is how Juice Works is born.
Healthy tips #1: Each person requires a minimum of 5 portion serving of fruits and / or vegetable every day.  Each portion define the entire fruit or vegetable, not sliced portion
Despite having an on going event, customer too flock in giving the service crew a busy scheduled morning, but they still service with a smile and greeting.
Next guess why are these girls so nervous and happy?

Well it is because each blogger is serves with a small cup of wheatgrass juice.  The crew at Juice Works called it the healthy tequila. You're suppose to drink it like tequila.
Healthy Tips #2: One small cup like this provides sufficient chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes for the entire day.
There were some mingle around game to get us warmed up and get along with each other.
No this is not a tour to the kitchen, this is what we the blogger have to make our own juice. Anyway everything is pretty clean and neat in the kitchen with well label tray, tidy and spacious working area, and comfort zone while preparing the drink. Since the theme was fiber drink, my team and I decided to throw anything that is fiber rich into the jar for blending.
I don't really recall all the ingredient, but banana, beetroot, papaya, yogurt are among the ingredient we threw in.
Everyone else from other team is dying to try out our freshly blended cup of juice.
Presenting to you the fiber rich drink. Personally I like the sandy texture but the drink wasn't sweet enough in my opinion, but what's done can't be undone, so we can just pray. Then it was other team to prepare their juice.

And guess what, my team won the challenge for overly fiber I think. Anyway the event was really great with all the awesome people we get to meet and also the thoughtful tips that we get. It was indeed a refreshing workshop that remind us how important health is. So have you had your dose of healthy drink today?

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