Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Best Memories with TM

Have you ever since this before?
Or a more complete version of it would be
Yes? Then I would like to shake your hand and say to you "We had a memorable childhood" don't we?" Honestly being born in the early 80s is one heck of great year because not only we had fun playing outdoor we do have fun playing in the cyberworld (but with a great cost) too.
Back then connecting to the Internet takes time and it make one loud noise that the entire neighbourhood would know you are going online. What did we do with the Internet back then? Well a growing teen my friend and I tend to do all sort of entertainment stuff like game (text game too like Utopia o.0) and some naughty curious stuff.
And my memory with TM doesn't just stop there because TM constantly grow with me, constantly understand what I need and evolved around together up to this very moment where I'm able to write this post in the comfort of my portable gadget.

If I were to describe TM in a word it would be BUDDY! It make me feel a sense of belonging, connected to the community, and most importantly TM is not a company, but rather a lively entity to me.

I even attended TM birthday party, for real and had tones of fun where it is beyond word to describe

I also attended a wide and mega celebration in reaching out more people and sustained a great boradbad penetration in Malaysia

There was also a private party where I was invited to for the great success of connecting us to the world
TM introduce new face of the corporate to reach out to more that are in need and also to reward the loyal one. You can always check back at for news and updates, also not forgetting rewards.

These are my BEST memories with TM and it has always been this way for a number of year and that number would keep counting because seriously without TM I wouldn't be who I am today.

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