Monday, November 22, 2010

TM Everyone Connects Birthday Bash

A year ago TM launched Everyone Connects to demonstrate the power of the 3Cs - Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. It was a successful way to show not only to the youths but everyone else the power of getting connected..

21 November 2010 mark the very first EC (Everyone Connects) anniversary and for those who are not there.. You really missed out a once heck of event..
 Here are the 2 main character A.K.A the mascot for EC..
 There were plenty of games and activity around that day and one could win cold hard cash too..
Guess who's the MC for the day??
Yes it was Ben and Hunny Madu from FlyFM.. Not only that.. Several Nuffnang Blogger was saw on the scene too.. Like Saimatkong, Mohamad Zaid, Fresh, the nuffies, Shanon Chow, Budiey, and etc..
Alright so what type of activity are there in the event? There are Open House, Sini Maa, Jamming Garage, EC Hall of Fame, and the Stadium. Out of these activities I think Jamming Garage is the coolest.. Know why? Cause you get to challenge member from the group called Bunkface.

Challenge between member of Bunkface Vs Hunny Madu.. :D

Sini Maa (Cinema) on the other hand showcase how you can watch IPTV without any lag with TM's all new product unifi.. Visitor gets to experience it to believe it.

Then there was a dancing contest it seems using PS3 with eye toy.. It is funny cause one need to imitate the dance move.. :D

The Stadium, is where you will be given 2 minute to score as many goal as you could. Winners get RM1k cash.. How awesome can a great day turned into awesomeness day..

There was of course not to forget performance too fromBunkface, Summer Ash and tons of games and excitement. Yes, there are a lot of prizes to be won with live contests!

Remember to join its facebook group for more to come.
Their official site is

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