Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chaos in KL last Saturday

and all thank to the big head microphone..

Actually this chaos happen in a good manner.. Despite the jam everywhere, road block in surrounding area, everyone, every crowd seems to ignore it and keep packing and stuffing into the crowd..

It is not just any type of event or concert.. It was a mega karaoke that unite everyone.. Despite raining cats and dogs, it failed to disperse the crowd.. The crowd were thrown with surprise after surprise with the special appearance of Suki, Reshmonu, Tomok, other local band, and not least Bunkface, the band who sang through my window, the song that causes a buzz among Malaysian..

But before that the crowd was greeted with KL Stompers

The crowd starting to pile in

Surprise appearance by DJm guess who are they

The stage

The player

1Mic just like how 1Malaysia did it, unite everyone

Reshmonu and gang entertaining the crowd

My friend took a great shot of Bunkface too, and according to him Bunkface is like Malaysian version of All American Reject (AAR), and I couldn't agree more.. Here are the photos of Bunkface during the event.. Credit to Ewin -

The crazy crowd rocking till late night..

Thank TM for such great "karaoke" session and best part it is free for all.. It has brought everyone together as part of the project described - everyoneconnects and it sure is one hack of successful event.. Looking for such event again erm.. next month? Lol..

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