Sunday, February 19, 2012

DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

If I can choose any phone from Digi Website as my new phone it would no doubt be the Samsung Galaxy Note.
It is not a phone, not yet a tablet. So what you call something in between? The Tabphone? Whatever it is, it is so stylish and fits perfectly into pocket for easy carry around.
With so many features being offered by smartphone today, one doesn't simply turn it into useless junk. There is no dumbphone only dumb owner.
However my Android phone is smarter with DG Smart Plan simply because I'm an internet addict and my apps are mostly bandwidth hogger and together it is close to impossible to estimate how many kb of data I required every month because it depends on the site I visit and media I stream. Thus with DG Smart Plan there is NO after bill shock where the amount charged could probably cost me a downpayment of a car :(
In addition I could get 100% rebate if my total bill hits RM200 o.0 Now I don't just have a smartphone but I myself felt smart too :D

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