Monday, February 21, 2011

The Untold Lies of Prepaid Service

Our telco have been striving hard to not just serve us better but also to attract us to switch side. Telco war in Malaysia can be seen every now and then on any given media as if each and everyone have their spy on its competitor base. Well regardless of what it is, it is not that important to you and to me, what we care most beside the quality of service is none other than the money!
Everyone owns a mobile now right? Thank to the easy to get mobile number that even my niece could get it done all by themselves. But honestly how many of you know what you are purchasing and what you are paying? Do you even know what call block is? Are you very sure that you know how much you are paying while you call/text/online/etc?? Often we see interesting ads like 1cent/sms but why does my bill sum up to more than what I've pre-calculated? That's because behind every good ads, there's a catch waiting for you to fall into it. There's also a bill aftershock which many had complained about on the telco that I was once with before.
I observed and tested ma TuneTalk Prepaid mobile and is happy to share that what they advertise is what you really do get. Imagine 16cent/minute talktime, how long can it last you as compare to the one you are using now. What's more interesting is that they don't charge you more or less, it is indeed you pay as you use. So as long as your call is within 1 min then 16 cent will be charged, and if you use lets say 30 second, it would be half of it. Beat that will ya.. Not just that they offer 5cent/sms and 5cent/MB data, read that right, is MB not KB!!
Also be aware that for every TuneTalk customer, you are entitle to a RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa and all these doesn't cost an additional cent. It is way better than buying insurance itself!

Besides that you get to accumulate points where you could later redeem it with AirAsia from domestic to international places like London, Melbourne, Shanghai, Taipei, and etc.. Again you don't have to spend more to enjoy these.

For mild user, every topup last you longer, with just RM50 your line will stay active for 75 freaking days! That's additional half month more compare to the one you are with right now. You can find out more about the points accumulation chart here

Now after so many WOW, this is the truly MUST get reason, they allow you not just to choose but also to change your mobile number as you go and it all can be done online.

So for those who have my contact, do PM me for my TuneTalk number :)

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