Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drive Angry

You will be greeted with swear, blood, sex, and more swear, swear, swear. Well at least that explain the title Drive Angry
Drive Angry is about a guy named Milton who return from hell to stop a group of cult in scarifying his grandchild to religious believe whereby the same shit thing happen to his daughter. His journey however was not as easy as he thought as there is this "Accountant" who was sent to earth to take Milton back to hell.
The movie is filled with, like I said swear most of the time, it also consist on violence where it did not get pass our authority, and thought being censored. That explains why Drive Angry 3D is not available here in Malaysia.
The entire movie make no sense to me and they seems to be trying to hard on the CG and 3D (probably) that they neglected that the most fundamental requirement; the plot @.@

Rate: 1/5

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Ishatec said...

It's another amazing movie, full of hollywood explosions and one liners, these kind of films are not as common any more which is a shame. I can't this kind film Drive Angry 3D the legendary actor Nicholas Cage. Watch Movies & TV Series Free Online - ISHATEC

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