Monday, February 14, 2011

Shopping Online will never be the same again

I believe most of the online user come across online shopping at some point of time regardless of whether you make purchase or not. However for those who have experience it before, you may know the pain and fear of online shopping. Sometime it could be quite a hassle too when you need to collect the item you bought online from places you are not familiar with, and not to mention meeting stranger and exposing yourself to danger.

So as you see there are plenty of trouble involves and not forgetting the risk too, but all this gonna change with a all new electronic shopping mall concept named DoorStep ( where you get to buy grocery online, and item will be deliver to you on time!
I've personally make purchase with and here is what I've been through.. To make order on is simple, it takes 3 simple steps; Choose product > Register > Checkout
Pretty standard right, but read on for something that doorstep have to offer that others couldn't.. Not only shopping is made simple, some products are priced cheaper than market rate and doorstep do offer a WIDE range of goods, ranging from daily product to frozen and fresh grocery items. Yes, you read it right, grocery item like fruits, meat, vegetable, and etc.. is available only at
They also have a super bargain corner where you get discounted item on top of already cheaper goods.. also offer Secure payment methods which you can either choose to pay with ipay88 or if that doesn't ease your mind, you can opt for COD (Cash On Delivery) where you pay only when you get your goods. Please note that doesn't save your credit card details.

I've made online purchase before, but never had it been this FUN! Seriously, without notice, I've selected a mega long list of wanted item and still I'm having the urge to add in more :p
So when you've done and satisfy with your purchase, you can checkout. Upon checking out, you will be asked to register for an account (if you don't have any) or login to proceed. Once they gotten your contact details, you are again given the flexibility to ARRANGE the time slot on when the goods are best delivered to you at your door step.
So just before you confirm your order, you can still go through the list and check your delivery address and amount.
Beside the face that there will be no more traffic jams, save money and precious time by shopping from anywhere, I get to receive fresh groceries especially vegetables (cut, cleaned, peeled and packed) fruits and frozen food. Oh ya doorstep do have their very own refrigerating facility to keep things fresh. To top that, coverage on delivery to your doorstep is expanding overtime and has covered Klang Valley, including KL, Ampang, PJ, Subang, and even Putrajaya and Cyberjaya and is gonna cover more area in coming days.
One best thing I like is their followup service where their customer officer where they keep calling you to check if your goods arrive. When the delivery man arrive you can still cross check your ordered item.
 The lovely delivery truck arrive right on time :)
 Checking the items..
Shipping the goods into the house
Oh ya, when you visit the page, remember to check out the 50% bargain corner and other attractive promotion. Shall you need any info you can feel free to follow any of the following link.
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