Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Am Number Four

I have to repeat that I would avoid catching any movie at GSC Tropicana City as it is really tiring despite the fact that I'm sitting on the forth back row and still it feels like sitting in the first 2 row =.= But since it was an invitation to the premier movie of I Am Number Four I have nothing to say but to sit quietly and enjoy the show as much as I could.
Judging from the poster you sort of figure out what to expect from the movie don't you? Well if I were to summarize it for you, I am number four is actually quite close to Twilight minus the vampire/werewolf and plus action/battle/magic.
The story is about 9 alien teen living on earth was hunted down one after another and their guardian will do anything to protect them as they are last of their kind. They can only be kill in sequence and each posses their very own power.
There will be sequel for this movie and surprisingly I'm kinda looking forward to it although we all know how Disney movie work. Probably because I would like to know what each of them have in term of power. Oh yea No 4 gets to meet No 6 in this movie too. Should check it out if you have the time and budget.

Rate: 2.5/5

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