Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All Well End Well 2011

All Well End Well has been a tradition where new edition will be introduce every year just before Chinese New Year. In All Well End Well 2011, they brought in some cast who have gotten our attention whether in a good way or bad and the few instant notable one would be Louis Koo, Donnie Yen, Cecilia Chueng.
Yes I would say this is however just yet another typical CNY movie. If you think the Chinese like all these CNY based movie, then you are wrong. We only love kickass CNY movie!!!
In this title, each and everyone of the big cast you think you know is not what you thought. Take Donnie Yen for instant, he don't fight with his fist or battle enemy to a Weng Chun feast, but rather he battle with his 'soft' hand and his sweet talking mouth. In other word he is just like you and me.
Plot wise it seems to me that they are forcefully connected. I don't find any good reason for such connection or maybe I was too dumb to get the point? Like every bad comedy movie, All Well End Well kinda recycle some funny scene, if you get what I mean.

Rate:  1.5/5

Psss.. I think Louis should take up more serious role as he is kinda good in it.. Do catch "Connected" tonight 10PM at NTV7 (or was it 8TV / TV3).

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