Saturday, September 26, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

Try entering "define:singapore" into google and you will get the definition of Singapore.
a country in southeastern Asia on the island of Singapore; achieved independence from Malaysia in 1965
I have never really been to Singapore, the very first time I went was like around age 10? o.0 and during that age, I don't visit a place and appreciate what I saw.. All that is in my mind is food and game.. Still remember during that time micro genius and nintendo.. And all that caught my attention back then was console gaming =.=" and not MRT, not sentosa island, not the nice scenery of Singapore, and don't even notice there is not chewing gum there..

WTF.. Can you see 2 dude floating on air (middle of the pic), I think there is some sort of performance that time.. For god sake, I don't even know where I took the photo, I only know it is in Singapore.. Time to refresh my memory, this time with better camera, and memory.. ^^

But as I grew up, only then I realize how stupid I was, I miss such golden opportunity to understand and to enjoy the uniqueness of Singapore.. Even though there is no such thing as "the grass is greener on the other side" but when I visit other places, I get to expose to different type of lifestyle, experience, culture, technology, system, and etc.. Hey, this is how we improve ourself right? Through comparison/competition, so it is a good thing.. ;P

Thus I would love to grab this golden opportunity to goto Singapore again (yea.. again, if you still assume that I visited Singapore), to visit this unique place, to experience what Singapore have to offer, to learn the lifestyle there, to enjoy the scenery there, to breath the fresh air there, to throw my fear (fear of being rob, threaten, beaten, pickpocket, and etc) away, to relax on a vacation, to have a nice and romantic trip with my girlfriend - Nini.. ^^

Since I have no memory and is not familiar with Singapore I need some suggestion and recommendation.. And so I did, I asked around and these are some place that I get (click on the photo to enlarge)

It seems that suntec, vivocity, sentosa, orchard, clarke quay was recommended by majority..
And here is the recommended itinerary suggested by

How I wish I could split myself into few and each one of me get to go and enjoy different places, but that would only come true if doreamon exist.. So I have to do some research and homework on my own itinerary plan.. So here are my list

***Drum roll***

6.30AM - View sun raise at east seacoast beach + enjoy then windy blow on my body (yea the sun is the same right? I know but I just wanna view the sun from different places/city/country with the same person till death torn us apart, that's why I wouldn't mind waking up early as I love doing so)

Seacoast beach

7.30AM - Breakfast and shower at Link Hotel (Where I will be staying and from their website it seems that they are up to international class and have a few interesting attraction such as rooftop chill place)

Link Hotel Cafe

10.00AM - Shopping at Takashimaya & North Bridge Road (Heard about Takashimaya from a group discussion and found out that Takashimaya is a big shopping mall where some Malaysian purposely go there and shop + dine, thus dead or alive I have to be there.. North Bridge Road seems to be interesting mall too as recommended..)


1.00PM - Lunch at Lau Pa San (This place should be something similar to Asia Cafe, Ming Tin I assume, and it would be a good choice too as I can taste several different cuisine and dishes in one go)

Lau Pa San

3.00PM - Sentosa (guess it will be very freaking hot during this time, and would be best to enjoy myself "underworld" will all kinds of fish.. It is also time for my leg to take a break as I don't have to walk to explore the huge "aquarium" :P)

Sentosa Underworld

5.00PM - Early dinner at Xin Wang (My friend pointed a knife on my neck to try on the Seafood Muifan with Pork Floss =.=")

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

7.00PM - Singapore Flyer (Just like Eye of Malaysia, a feature of Singapore, a great place to view the city from up above the sky)

Singapore Flyer

9.00PM - Clarke Quay (heard that this is a most happening place and full with entertainment and nightlife activities here, thus, I wouldn't wanna miss the opportunity to chill myself out here.. Not forgetting to have some steak here too)

Clarke Quay

11.00PM - Breeze Beer Garden at Link Hotel Rooftop (rooftop *drool* would be my first time experiencing this, chilling with the wind while having a good bottle of beer with the one I love most)

**Psst.. Since I know nothing (yea, zero in term of the location) much on Singapore, places that I planned for the day might be far apart.. Lol.. But is sure worth running up and down for the places mentioned..

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