Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breast Enhancement

Where would you be staring at when you saw the image? Be honest please.. Well it is proven that guys love to start at women's breast and women like to have a bigger breast.. Why, if you asked a women and their answer wouldn't be far from each other, to look sexy, to boost self esteem, because guys love them, to catch attention.

And a simple "breast enhancement" entered into google will return you with tones of methods, ways, and tools, for archiving a bigger, firmer, and more attractive boobs.. The common one would be
Gel, Supplement, Cream

Or push up bra

and now even cookies (F Cup Cookies)

Now there is a new way (the cheapest way I assume), erm.. or should I say technology that is capable of aiding women who wanted to go for breast enhancement and it is called the Ringtone Breast Enhancement (RBE)

Human emotion is affected by the sound their heard claimed the researcher, and come to think of it, when you are watching a not frightening at all horror movie, you will chill in fear when the sound or background music is spooky.. I personally don't know how true this RBE thing can be but for those who are interested in breast enhancement could give it a try.. After all it is free, you could just get baby sound from anywhere.. If it work, feel free to post a comment here, or if you would like to sponsor to my as a token of appreciation of my finding, you are most welcome to do so by using paypal :p

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