Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fully Filled Goodies Bag

There was a new magazine in town called I.M. Magazine, it was basically a magazine that introduce entertainment places in Malaysia (or Klang Valley?), and it have this official launch party in Bar Celona in Sunway Pyramid. There were Sony Ericson handphone as lucky draw prize, few unit of them, but sadly I couldn't stay long enough for it to end.. The place was choked with smoke..
But still they given out a small goodie bag that is stuffed with tons, and I do mean TONS of stuff..

2 pack of Munchy Waffle
Then we have N number of Colgate Total Plax..
There is thie M-150 Energy drink too.. They have a contest there where best track racer could win a car.. OMG how could I miss it..
Toothbrush holder.. Look nice
Some candies and gum
Scholl Odur Shoe Spray..
Whitening Night Cream from De'Putih.. Made in Malaysia if not mistaken
Durex condom, first time getting this from goodies bag, guess they want people there to play safe, incase one happen to hook a fish..
High School Musical 3 & Camp Rock sticker and notebook
Some voucher, including Bloop, MPH
Here are all the items stuffed into the pity small bag.. So full that it keep falling off

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