Saturday, September 19, 2009

Overheard Merchandise

Received a letter from RAM Entertainment, and it seems that I won a goodie back from GSC website for the movie overheard contest.. Yipee, but the office was quite far from my house, luckily I have client around there, so I could drop by and pick up my stuff..

The prize packed into a goodie bag, 2nd prize winner.. Let's see what I won

Ok a nicely printed notebook with high quality paper, very colorful and they contain all 4 movie poster - Overheard, Cyborg, Tsunami, Ninja.. Cool

There are also complementary passes to and RAM distributed movie all over malaysia, a wallet and a overheard T-Shirt. Don't like collar shirt so I donated it instead =)

There are also product of UrberMen worth RM50

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