Saturday, September 19, 2009

Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful

Ok for those who still doesn't know what Project Alpha is, here is a short description

Project Alpha is the first Online TV Show unveiling the real faces behind Malaysia’s Top Bloggers. The show will take audience into various sneak peeks of bloggers’ lives, who they are, how they live, what makes them tick and where they derive their inspiration to capture the attention and interests of millions of online readers on a daily basis. The show will also try to uncover their darkest secrets which they keep hidden from their readers.

So Project Alpha in my own word would be unmasking and for the first time showing the real person behind all the lines of text and images (just in case some doesn't post their photo), and their personal life, also what and how they become who they are today. Ask you scare already or not - (问你怕了没)?

Anyway let's wait no time, this entry is hopefully I could get a pair of invites to the awesome night, where there will be featuring 60 top bloggers, and I could get some tips from them on increasing traffic to my blog..

Theme B: Krrunch Time at SCHOOL
How you can transform the situation in the most creative manner. You should inspire others to be more playful, instead of accepting a boring situation in the daily life.
Here's how

Sorry but I don't have the photo editing skill so if you couldn't see what's happening you can still watch the video here..

:p Well actually that is a rip off from other people idea..

Here's my version on how I would turn a plain boring class into a fun krrunch time. Instead of the student making prank or having fun krrunch time, I am the lecturer for a class.
I will have a theme everyday and that theme would require me and/or the students in the class to wear accordingly. Hey lecturer (which is also human) also wanna have fun krrunch too right?
Yea, sort of cosplay in class.. For example today's theme is Jesus, and I would have to wear like this

If the theme is star wars then it would be like this

If autobot then it would be this

So you get the idea right? Wouldn't that be more 'interactive' and 'colorful' to spice things up in class, and to make sure that everyone pay attention on what's the next theme that would be announce in any random time. Isn't that also a fun krrunch way to learn, to study?

It would be even more fun krrunch if the theme was Pokemon and some hot female student wearing this


Therefore instead of having a half full class of students like this

I will have a class full of student like this

To make things even hotter, best dresser will get to carry a basket full of Pringles, and it is not those typical flavor that you could find in Tesco, Giant, Carrefour, but are those flavor that are available oversea like bacon ranch, loaded baked potato, jalapeño, and etc..

**Additional Info**
For those who wish to win themself a pair of invite to the greatest event on blogging history, do take part too..
You can find more info here

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