Friday, August 28, 2009

Free Sony PSP

If I tell you that there are a million dollar right under the ground of my house, will you go dig for it? Probably not cause I'm mostly lying, after all even if I have such amount why would I wanna tell you?

But if I tell you that is giving out free Sony PSP, will you want to grab it? Yes I assume. Gamer or not the Sony PSP serves many entertainment purpose.. I need not tell exactly what is a Sony PSP as it was not something new.. But in brief it is a mobile gaming gadget with complete multimedia element..

It is a contest from actually and it is one of the most easiest contest I've ever encountered.. Read on..

It couldn't be simpler, just place a link to in your website or blog, and stand a chance to win a brand spanking new Sony PSP 3000!

Once you have placed the link, email me ( the URL of the page where the link is :)


1) This contest will run until 15th September 2009 and is open to everyone.
2) All incoming links will be tracked and the winner will be selected randomly from the shortlisted top 10 entries.
3) The winner will be announced on 20th September at the website.
3) The judges decision is final, unless he changes his mind.

Click here to view more

Simple right? So quickly grab a link from either one of those banner and post em up..
As for me I will be putting on the medium banner on my right bar.. Good luck guys..
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