Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alien in the attic

I've watched 2 continuous alien based movie past 2 days.. Watched alien in the attic on Tuesday night at 1Utama GSC

Someone once told me that 17 Again was a kids/teen movie, but he haven't watch this.. Well the trailer was a big spoiler and is another contained-all-the-good-stuff-in-the-movie kind of trailer..

In brief.. The aliens couldn't mind control the kids so they have to control the adults to keep the kids still while they proceed with their 'alien treasure hunt' which is actually a alien enhancement enlargement machine that will make the tiny alien grow big so that they could take over the world.. The adventure starts when the kids have to get things done by themselves..

If you ask me how good is this movie, I would say go for other movie if your intention is to enjoy yourself. But if you plan to kill time and have watched every listed movie go for it.. Preferably not watching the trailer..

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