Tuesday, August 18, 2009

one man's meat is another man's poison

If you are an Internet savvy person, you should have notice that there are a few trend that everyone seems to be doing or seems to be picking up interest on that area. There are namely:
1.) Photography - More and more people are getting dslr for photography nowadays.. and they even venture into investing on lens, accessories, and equipment
2.) Social Networking - A few common one would be facebook, myspace, friendster. This is where some people abuse it for dating purpose.. Also plenty of them (which include me :þ) didn't post my own face onto my profile page even though it is named as FACEbook..
3.) Blogging - I'm just another good example.. trying to blog and update daily but failed misery as my life isn't as interesting as others.. I couldn't afford to go outing every week.. :( Anyone care to sponsor? XD
4.) Selling goods - More college or even secondary student started to earn their first ringgit by selling goods online.. Which explained why the price of certain item were 'spoiled' as people tend to compare.. What others didn't realize is that those student may not be doing this business long term.. They just want some quick buck and end of story.. Sort of hit and run kind of situation..
5.) "Individual activity report" - Appeared usually on blog, twitter, facebook, msn.. whatever an individual gonna do or have already done, they would just shout it out on either (or all) of the mentioned site/apps so that their 'friends' know their activities, and whereabouts.. Some even used it for 'showing off'..

Well the entry of this post is not to crap about those trendy stuff.. but I don't know why I wrote so long on that also.. lol.. Anyway I wanted to share with those who wish they could be a spoiler like what I've mentioned in point 4. hehe.. Lately if you notice in most local forum, be it lowyat or malaysianbabes or anything else.. it seems that seller that sell coupon, voucher, discount card, or even membership card is getting more and more.. And it is proven true that by selling such item you get to gain some profit within shortest time.. Of course you have to make sure that you get those ticket free, how, by participating in any contest you come over.. You never know you might won some VIP passes which of course make you more money.. This is how I convert 2 pcs of card into few pcs of useful paper
Got bored waiting for customer to arrive... So took a snapshot on the item that I'm gonna to sell..
Tada... Turned into cold hard cash..

Well I have to admit that the concert is one that not to be miss.. I will love the atmosphere there love the band love them singing live love the crowd love the H1N1 sweat love everything on the concert.. But nothing beats the feeling of holding some cold hard cash..

So for those who wish to get started into selling item but is worry about not being able to sell.. you could start with something that you don't want anymore.. Start selling off your unwanted stuff instead of throwing em off.. After all one man's meat is another man's poison.. You never know how valuable the item could be to others.. At least selling 2nd hand item give you some confidence in selling

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