Thursday, August 20, 2009

So many yet so limited

Again all premier movie falls on the same day.. Sigh~
Kinda sad that I couldn't catch em all..

There were I Love You, Beth Cooper and Orphan

Planned to watch Orphan with nuffnang kakis in Mid Valley but couldn't make it as it was too rush.. So ended up watching I Love You, Beth Cooper.. Just yet another teenage kind of movie..

The story is about a guy confessing his feeling toward a girl he had crush on who happen to have a boyfriend at that moment during a graduation speech.. To his surprise the girl gave what it seems to be a positive response thereafter.. Only then he found out that the girl is not what he thought she is..

Kinda lame though.. Heard Orphan was good and scary.. God damit miss that..

Anyway stay tune in my upcoming entry I will tell you how to earn and make some quick and big buck from google adsense.. Yea.. In short I'm gonna reveal the secret to be RICH

Some preview on today's earning..

1 comment:

Ewin Ee said...

so high? 1 day 156dollars?

total 254?

that means u have only put it up for 2 days?

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