Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well this is the least wanted to watch in my movie list, but still I manage to get a pair of free passes to it.. Little did I expect the movie was as if it was a ghost movie.. *grins*

Anyway the director did a great job by making you thinking that Aaron is the one behind all these, but as you read on I can assure you that me too can do a great job by becoming a big spoiler..

The first half of the movie was not bad though there are still room for improvement.. Aaron was fainted at a crime scene, and eventually lost his memory.. Still he wanted to solve the case so badly that he even move on even not remembering anything.. And every clue he found pointed back to him.. Is like having 2 identity and you couldn't remember what you did when your other half 'went off'

There were quite some brutal scene which was an added point to the movie.. However things started to get a twist and everyone was like

Yea the OMG expression on everyone's face.. It was also

That moment happen when the true murderer or master mind appear.. Least expected and really lame..

Go find out more yourself if you are interested in finding out the rest..

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