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Together Vegetarian Restaurant

Without me realizing, yesterday was Earth Day! Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April annually, and with such great celebration, what have you done to contribute back to planet earth? If you're not creative person like me but would still love to do something to make the world a better place, why not go Vegetarian on this special occasion next year? Or if you have strong will you can go green every once a week. The number of vegetarian restaurant within KV has indeed increased as compare to the past and it is also a good sign to indicate that more people is aware that we need to do something to save the world. Beside being a hero, it is also for the better health for our own.
Together Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the place where you get not only meatless dishes, but also dishes that uses less flour based ingredient. Many had the impression that going vegetarian means consuming more flour, which really depend on your choice while ordering. Anyway was invited by to an exclusive food review at Together Vegetarian Restaurant (Puchong branch).
The restaurant offer a quiet and relaxing dining environment where you could really take your sweet time after a hectic rush from work and outside pressure. Theme wise there aren't much focus on that but just so you know, Together Vegetarian Restaurant do cater to wedding dinner and buffet catering at your designated location.
Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat
Without delaying much, here's the first dish we had for the night, Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat. Without informing, one might not even know this is vegetarian as it really assemble the real deal. It even have a similar taste to it simply because shark fin itself is tasteless and it is the soup that gave the strong flavour. It was as good as you've expect it to be. Thumbs up for the Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat. It has a thick and sticky texture. It too had a strong presence of herbal soup but if herbal isn't your cup of tea, you can always add in some vinegar to boost up the taste.
Fried Beancurd with Fresh Mushroom
Moving on to the Fried Beancurd with Fresh Mushroom, it was indeed drooling dish with specially made tofu that is soft on the inside, and fragrantly sweet on the outside. Its soft texture of the tofu taste really good all by itself and would definitely go for more.
Butter Abalone Mushroom
 As sinful as it look, the Butter Abalone Mushroom offered a strong aromatic smell while served. It was deep fried with in-house specialty together with butter and curry leaf that gave it an extra strong flavour to it. Crispy as it get, the dish got snap up almost instantly upon being placed on the table, you can imagine how good it is.
Red Enzyme with Mushroom
The Red Enzyme with Mushroom is a dish where either you love it or your can't accept the strong enzyme taste of it. For me the enzyme taste is pretty strong till a point where all I can taste is nothing but enzyme only. It wasn't something within my preference but don't let that stop you from trying because enzyme benefits your health.
Asam Fish
Asam Fish as you may guess it, has a rather sour taste. The dish was pretty spicy too but the ingredient used to replace the fish was pretty soft and tender. 
Curry Mutton
One of the highlight I was looking forward was the Curry Mutton with Bread. I could easily survive with nothing but just bread and curry, they are always the best married couple. The rendang like gravy is pretty thick and tasty but surprisingly wasn't spicy to my preference. The bun was slightly fried to have that crispy skin leaving the inner part fragrantly soft. Mushroom is used to replace the mutton of course and it was pretty hard to chew on.
Spinach in Herbal Sauce
Whether you're on a vegetarian day or not, you shouldn't forget the green vegetable. Spinach according to my understanding required alot of effort. A simple dish as such may look easy but the effort took to prepare one has to be very hectic. Thus kudos to Together Vegetarian Restaurant for not only serving spinach in its menu, but also serving it with a twist. I love how they mix herbal sauce to a simple dish giving that extra and unique flavour to it. Double thumbs up!
Sweet & Sour Fried Squid
Toward the end of the dining experience, we had surprise dish the sweet and sour fried squid. It was actually needle mushroom wrapped with a layer of dumpling skin, then another round with seaweed, deep fried and serves with sweet and sour sauce. The crispy crunch at the tip of  the mushroom is delightful whereas the sauce gave in some extra flavour. There is also the presence of sesame but was easily overwhelm by the seaweed.

In conclusion, Together Vegetarian Restaurant uses less flour based item but instead replace it with other original form of alternative like mushroom. It is crucial that you eat healthy and you eat right.

Together Vegetarian Restaurant
No 9,Jalan Puteri 1/4, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong

Phone: +603-8060 0465, +6012-2386800, +6012-6918118 

Operation Hours
Mon - Sun: 10:30 am - 3:00 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm


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