Sunday, April 28, 2013

Iron Man 3

Like how I always show off said you'll never regret joining @NuffnangMY community simply because they have plenty of reward for you and it just keep coming. I had the privileged to once again watch premiere screening a day ahead of the release date and all thank to Nuffnang
My impression toward the Iron Man movie franchise wasn't that good. The first part was somewhat entertaining because it was fresh, then Iron Man was a rather disappointing film in its trilogy so far, as for Iron Man 3 I wouldn't say it was that great as many claimed.
Stay out from here on cause it contain SPOILER!! 
Tony Stark's world got torn apart by a terrorist that make a name for himself called The Mandarin and had since then been separated with his loved one. What's worse, his partner, the war machine also failed to protect the president of United State. On a mission to save his wife, Tony went into hideout and gathered intelligence information about The Mandarin only to realize the real master mind behind all these mess.
Throughout the rather draggy 2 hours + of run time, can't help but notice there were lack of 'Iron Man' time and pretty much questionable mistake done. Take for example the heavily iron suit couldn't fly out of the locked wooden hut / door. Also if they could actually give more screen time for the different suit that Tony had, it would have make it much enjoyable.
Beside that, it was actually a pretty enjoyable movie minus the Iron Man suit. Plot focuses pretty much around the Mandarin and the mastermind and Tony desperate moment. Although I didn't watch the 3D version, from the overall scene and past 3D experience, guess Digital 2D is good enough for that 2 hours+ of pleasure.

Rate: 3/5

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