Monday, December 31, 2012

Smart Software

Beside the unique-but-almost-look-identical appearance of a notebook, the one thing that disguise a manufacturer from others would me a unique propitiatory software that often comes bundle with the Operating System that in preinstalled into the machine.
Samsung too have its own propitiatory software which is developed with one aim, that is to aid user in user friendly navigation as well as intelligently interactive with its user. Some may wonder why would we need to have such software and to put it in a simpler explanation I would use smartphone to elaborate. If you're connected to the Internet most of the time, I believe you've seen features from smartphone as part of the selling point. Thus the Samsung Smart Software is something like the add-on features on top of the fundamental platform / OS. Example: HTC and Samsung smartphone is running on Android but what separate them from being just another phone is thier add-on software / app. HTC if you're aware, offers its user the HTC Sense whereby Samsung does come with touchwiz.
There were two of such software which is worth highlighting, one being the "Easy Setting" where you could customise the intelligent level as you wish. This is where you get to customise the energy saving mode, sound,  your network connectivity, and other mean of setting commonly change by user. Once you're done, your ultrabook will now turn into your pal who understand your need. For example when you play a movie, it will automatically turn on movie color for better viewing purpose. The list of intelligent is rather long and it is best to try it out yourself.
While having an additional software may seems good, some user is afraid that such add-on would cost them to scarifies unnecessary resources such as the RAM / memory. Samsung Smart Setting however seems to consume rather low memory in this, thus doesn't have much effect on a 4GB ultrabook with new generation processor.
  The second useful software that is bundle with the machine would be "Easy Software Manager". This handy software perfectly keep track of all your driver and/or software version and would automatically update to the latest release without involving the user if permission were granted. There were several other software, but might or might not be in big favor depending on user behavior. For example the FastBoot software is suppose to be a wonderful simple program, but I rarely use it simply because I never have the need to shutdown / restart the PC. After all the Samsung Series 5 Ultra does come with the "Instant On" feature where you could turn it on by just opening the LCD screen. So what's your favourite software that you came across? Do share :D

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