Thursday, December 27, 2012


Had a clash and is forced to select only movie with the choice of either UPSIDE DOWN in Cathay e@Curve or THE GUILLOTINES at GSC Tropicana City Mall and ended up going for THE GUILLOTINES instead.
A group of people, trained to be deadliest weapon to protect the Emperor back then, would kill without hesitation upon receiving order, and is made to believe that their life belong to the Emperor they're protecting.
Armed with wicked weapon, together they would easily complete their mission without hassle until they met with a head from a rebel who's plan is to bring peace and equity in each and every race in the country who happen to have some fighting skill but were not put into battle when confronted with the guillotines.
However skillful  either side is, the focus of this movie isn't all about battle and fight scene, but rather the life of the guillotines. Despite having fought for and serving for their country with loyalty, there were plan to get rid of each and everyone of the guillotines as they were treated as the Emperor dirty little secret by bringing the firearm.
Do expect tons of slow motion scene where part of it look familiar to 300 too. The GCI blended quite well in this Asian made movie and am actually quite impressed with the explosive and artistic scenery. Plot wise can be much more interesting but that would be a totally different genre. 

Rate: 1.5/5

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