Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Just night after Fright Night which didn't happen to hype me up for some reason, here I am again at TGV KLCC waiting for the screening of Warrior where it is more than just kickboxing and mix martial art, but also the life of few fighter.
Warrior tell a story about a broken family where both brother are set apart who planned to get back into the ring, an UFC tournament to cash in the grand prize of few millions for survival purpose.
If I could summarize the whole movie into 1 or 2 sentence, I don't see why they extended the movie to 2 hours and 20 minutes.. It was way draggy with plenty of unnecessary scene and 'grandma story'.. Even if you needed more time to elaborate, it is still best to keep it within 2 hours IMHO..
It is yet another "seen that, done that" plot and the only suspend come toward the ending scene of the movie. You need to be a dramatic person to enjoy the movie as you need to get into character to feel the punch and to feel the pierce toward the heart in such given situation. Other than that, you will be spotted yawning or leaving the hall with a disappointed face..
I am one who enjoy talented fight but prefer watching act that can be beautifully perform, just like wrestling.. Is the skill that I admire and the daring stunt that was pulled in front of everyone.. Warrior end with a battle where Bro vs Bro, where Skill vs Power as everyone expected from earlier scene.

Oh ya the screening invite was from ChurpChurp

Rate: 2/5

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