Thursday, September 15, 2011


Drive is a slow pace but brutal movie and it comes with tons of artistic scene. The movie Drive is adopted from a novel with the same title, and has once failed attempt to convert it into movie back in 2005.
The movie is about a skilled drive who did stunt for movie as parttime, fixing car by day and steering getaway car for arm robbery by night.
Drive is by far the only movie that get himself involved in a robbery for a DUDE!!! Yea perhaps that tickle your interest by now..
When things go wrong in one of the attempt is where the killing and vengeance start! There weren't much tho..
As usual there will be some romance involves too in such movie because they could use love as to push the main actor further and more reason for killing and hunting.

Several famous website like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes have given a high rating but reviews from the premiere goers seems to be likewise.. Thus without expecting much I sincerely find the movie a worth to watch tag provided you could sit still till the end even there were plenty of 'power nap' section.

Rate: 3/5


LauraLeia said...

Hmm... Not my type of movie, but I guess guys will prefer it more than gals? :)

blog-tips-kurus said...

3/5? not bad.. :-)

Anonymous said...

how did you get to watch this? gsc was supposed to play it but i don't see it listed anywhere. help!

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