Sunday, September 25, 2011


Will again break this into 2 part as I joined the Abduction Race just before the preview screening of Abduction (in GSC 1 Utama) starring Taylor Lautner, and if you don't know who the heck he is, he is made famous from a movie called Twilight (Team Jacob).
The movie cenetered on a young man named Nathan, who discovered that he is not living a life he thought he was when he found out his baby photo appear on a missing person website.
Wanting to seek clarification, he got himself into tones of trouble which causes him life of people around him. Not know what to do next nor who to trust, begin his journey to seek his true self.
Basically such synopsis can be found from the official trailer itself and it seems to be a one heck of masterpiece shit Taylor gonna go through. Sadly to break this to you, especially if you are Taylor's fan, I find not only the plot was lacking of creativity, but Taylor's act was still immature. It is just a movie that portrait Taylor as a muscular guy who knows Kung Fu. Beside that, everything doesn't really blend in well
Not to forget it have a what I would like to call it "forceful" ending, where the story ends with just a snap of your finger. It is still a watchable movie, but don't put high expectation on it.

* Whether it is Taylor Lautner or even Robert Pattinson, the movie wouldn't go far for its "not so new" plotted storyline, and it is not a matter of the cast even though Taylor have plenty to stuff to learn and master for his next movie.

Rate: 2/5

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