Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mayday 3DNA / 五月天【追夢3DNA】

Mayday 3DNA or better known for its Chinese title 五月天【追夢3DNA】is yet another 3D based movie / concert genre or some called it backstage footage.
While I was quite disappointed with such genre because most of it isn't from any band that I preferred.. But still I rarely miss any premiere as you know, and here I am at GSC Maxx Premiere Screening.. It was my first time there and I must say it is a nice place with clean environment and comfy leg room.
The special part about Mayday 3DNA is that there is a fair amount of concert + story.. It is not like the backstage that we was already familiar with, and it is neither pure singing only.. There is some short but meaningful which include cast like Richie Ren, Rene Liu, and a Hong Kong actor..
Now this is where I really do feel 4D.. This is simply because audience is allow to bring in stuff that you usually see in a concert.. This is also where you can sing your heart out and nobody will make the irritated face to you.. Thus I'm not sure if you will get throw out of the hall if you stand up and jump, try at your own risk..
There was even at one point people start taking out their camera and snap photo, don't know if that is even legal but no staff was seen stopping any of them..
There is however only 1 or 2 person who blew the whistle given to them and what happen to the rest who have receive the whistle? I think we as audience still don't know (or rather not used) to making noise in the hall o.0
The best part about a 3D movie / concert is that it creates a live atmosphere where you can feel the hype at the comfort of your seat.. You too get to add in special effect to create a music video feel but when it is overly done, it might annoyed the audience.. Yes there are scene where I think such effect is a mess..
The song includes 恋爱ING,倔强,OAOA,温柔, DNA, 你不是真正的快乐 and few others which I couldn't recall.. I am actually not a fan of Mayday but I enjoy watching this movie..

*Note that you must at least listen to few of their popular song before watching it to enjoy your viewing pleasure..

Rate: 4/5

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LauraLeia said...

As a Mayday fan myself, I really loved it! I was especially excited to see the last song/music video for OAOA. :D But i didn't get the whistle or anything... :(
P/S: The people who took photos when the movie was showing..... zzzzzz

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