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Viv's Boutique Cafe & Restaurant

Viv's Boutique Cafe & Restaurant is located near Maxis TTDI, locating the place isn't hard but finding a parking here would be tricky especially during working hours. Nevertheless Viv's Boutique Cafe is like a rose among the torn where it vividly stood out among other shoplot with its bright and cheerful design interior-ly and externally.
At Vivi's Boutique Cafe you are sure to feel luxury with all the 'atas' furniture and deco and brightly lighted. The cozzy and comfy atmosphere makes you wanna spend more time here especially during the burning hot weather outside. You could spend endless hours here taking photo / selfie and still not taken enough.
Though the place wasn't mega huge, with carefully planned and design, it could cater quite a crowd without feeling pack and suffocated. It comes with a bar and offered all sort of beverages.
Viv's Ciocolata
I had Viv's Ciocolata and it was rich in coco and wasn't overly sweet to my liking. The whipped cream that come with it tend to give in extra silkiness and creamy texture to the drink while the sprinkle of chocolate chip does enhance the drink through a light chewing.
Classic Tomato Soup
Mushroom soup
Started off with 2 bowl of soup namely Mushroom Soup and Classic Tomato Soup. The mushroom soup comes with a mixture of Shitake, Oyster, Buno Shimeiji & Button Mushroom. It was creamy and mushroom-licious good. However personally I do love the Classic Tomato Soup over mushroom soup simply because there was a strong kick of spiciness from the pepper and the thick tomato flavour in every sip.

House Chicken Cajun RM 23.90
The House Chicken Cajun is serves with a generous piece of boneless chicken thigh, sesame mashed potato, sauteed vegetable with Pomodoro sauce top with homemade sauce. Needless to say the chicken was tender and moist to perfection.
The Mango Injection Salmon - RM35
One of Viv's Boutique Cafe best seller has to be The Mango Injection Salmon. You might have already notice, no only the venue is nicely decorated, each dish that had to be served too come in fine dining style appearance and detailed are carefully crafted from inside out on every plate. Coming back to the salmon dish, it was grilled to perfection. Do note they use fresh salmon for the dish and while the skin was grilled till crunchy texture the meat remain moist. A flavor packed dish that make you wanna get more.
Hearty Big Breakfast set - RM 23
The all day Big Breakfast is a huge plate of breaky and are meant to be shared. It comes with 2 pieces of fluffy pancake, slices of turkey ham, a lengthy sausage that touches two end of the plate, a piece of crispy out fluffy in hash brown and 2 eggs. Serves along are maple syrup and honey. Although everything on this plate was good in terms of taste, the one worth a shoutout would be the sausage which is juicy and flavourful even by itself.

Pan Grilled Lamb - RM 38
The Pan Grilled Lamb consist of New Zealand lamb cutlet, pumpkin puree, Lyonesse potato, glazed courgette, mint jelly and served with your choices of sauce namely BBQ Sauce, Rosemary or Black Pepper sauce. Generous with the portion and doesn't have the heavy 'lamb smell'. I wasn't overly fancy over lamb all this while and I would say it is OK to me.
Creamy Carbonara - RM 10.90
One of the good thing about Viv's Boutique Cafe is that they allow you to have option, whether you're drooling for a plate of pasta, or whether you're dying for some protein, you have the option to do so here and if you opt for pasta only they don't charge you for the other ingredient. The Creamy Carbonara was simply amazing. It was creamy yet not overly creamy where you would get 'gelat' after 2 spoonful of it, the spaghetti was cook to perfection / to my liking. Simple yet rich in taste.
Chicken Dried Chilies - RM 18.90
I would called this Asian Fusion serves on Bento Box. It consist of garlic rice, onion ring, teriyaki chicken, papadam and sliced fruits. The rice wasn't fragrant enough in my opinion and it was slightly undercook. Chicken wise was slightly salty to my liking. Everything else was pretty decent in my honest opinion.
Chocolate Aquarium - RM 17.90
A satisfying meal is never complete without a good cup of dessert and in Viv's Boutique, Chocolate Aquarium is a must have dessert. It comes with chocolate brownies, topped with scope of Vanilla Ice Cream along with crumble Oreos with a stick of love letter serves on a wine glass. While scooping it might seems troublesome, you've be carried away by the way it is presented.  Elegantly serves with generous portion that ensure you and your loved one get enough share of their best seller. A truly indulging cup of goodness that brighten up your day.

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No. 16 Ground floor Jalan Wan Kadir 1
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur


Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm

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