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U Desserts

U Desserts started off in Johor Bahru and eventually branch out to Penang before arriving in Klang Valley. Within a short span of time, U Desserts have had 2 branch in Klang Valley namely Puchong and SS2.
U Desserts is a Hong Kong inspired local brand with the aim of revolutionizing Malaysia dessert industry by serving Hong Kong authentic desserts style and integrating them with local fruits. Although desserts are their specialty, U Desserts believe in using only the finest / natural ingredients that is healthy, low in sugar, less artificial colouring, no flavouring and no preservatives, this is what make U Desserts stand out among the crowd. Did I mention that although these desserts are healthier alternative, they do taste as good as (some even better than) others.
Knowing that there's demand on meal, U Desserts had started off introducing a variety of rice and noodle into their menu. The recent promotion would be their GST (Great Saving Treat) Value Meal where each set is as low as RM7.90 that comes with Fruits and Iced Lemon Tea. Will talk about that later on. U Desserts offered a luxury ambiance dining experience and not only it is comfortable, they are just too comfortable and soothing while you dine here.
I have dragon fruit drink during my visit, taste wise was refreshingly good with no added sugar and it is served with slice of lemon along with mint, once crunch added some kick to every sip.
If you're Chinese, and I'm sure you would somehow relate The Mango Chong Fun to "Chee Chong Fun". Cubic of sweet mango wrapped in a coconut infused Chong Fun skin alike that has a perfect thickness that is chewable. topped with more mango puree that ensure each bit is mango-licious. Fan of Mango should't let this pass during your visit.
Mango Chong Fun - RM9.80
The Ice-Cream & Pamelo in Durian Sago Sweet Soup is one of the interesting dessert I have had so far this year. It comes with a scope of creamy and smooth Vanilla Ice Cream, a scope of pure top rating Durian meat with no artificial work added to it, along with pamelo that enhance the texture of the over all sensation. I love this very much because when you mix all together, you will be heavenly tempted to go for another scope. The Pamelo did added the chewing experience and the hint of Pamelo sweetness did seal everything nicely in your mouth.
Ice-cream & Pamelo In Durian Sago Sweet Soup - RM12.80
Coming to the Soy series, after a few round of rich taste of dessert, the Soy Toufu Pudding with Sesame did it's charm too. The pudding is intended to taste plain compare to those Taufufa you had elsewhere. It is the black sesame that bring the uniqueness of this bowl of dessert. Rich and thick is the best way to describe the black sesame and it has the sweetness that suits my liking. Mixing it together with Soy Toufu Pudding, it gave great texture that is soothing to your throat. However the taste from the black sesame tend to overpower the 'gentle' Toufu Pudding.
Soy Toufu Pudding with Sesame - RM5.80
As mentioned earlier, U Desserts had introduced several meal into its menu prior to venturing into Klang Valley market and GST (Aka Great Saving Treat) is their latest promo set meal. Each set come with the main dish with a choice of rice or noodle and is serves with a plate of fruits and Ice Lemon Tea.
Thai Grilled Chicken with Rice - RM 11.90
Thai Grilled Chiken with Rice is definitely a decent meal for an affordable price. The chicken was crispyly good but was slightly over battered, drizzled with thai chili sauce for the tiny kick of spiciness along with sweetness. 

Black Pepper Udon - RM11.90
The Black Pepper Udon on the other hand was OK and it was below my expectation. There is a lack of black pepper kick for a black pepper fan and the taste wasn't evenly spread out.

Grilled Chicken - RM15.90
The Grilled Chicken allow you to select one from 3 available sauce namely Mushroom, Black Pepper, and Thai Chili Sauce. I love the Black Pepper Sauce here for the strong aroma and spiciness in it. It truly enhance the already good tender chicken. One this that needs improvement is the fries and wedges, they were cripsy and empty on the inside.

BBQ Chicken Bun - RM 11.90

Mango Fish Fillets Bun - RM 12.90
Coming to the bun series, Mango Fish Fillets Bun is my favourite. It offer the uniqueness of sweet and salty, and a refreshing crunch from the lettuce. The Mango tend to supplement the sweetness you get from Thai Chili Sauce while the cripsy fish fillet were simply astonishing. Truly an addictive dish.
Mango Rice Ball - RM5.50 | Durian Rice Ball - RM6

Mango Pancake - RM8.80

Durian Pancake - RM9.80
The pancake series was awesomely good. Their selling point here is that these pancake is stuffed with the real deal and not artificially made ingredient. Besides the side of the pancake, the skin was soft and thin that literally melts in your mouth. Not a huge Durian lover myself, I do find myself munching more than I usually do / would.  Truly a great way to end the deal after a heartful meal at U Desserts.

Do check out their page for more promotion and updates


G-19, Jalan Kenari 5, IOI Boulevard,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor.

TEL: 03-80747332


No.8, Jalan SS 2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

TEL: 03-78729268

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